Leo leo cusp relationship compatibility

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Does Being Born on the Cusp Affect Astrological Compatibility?

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This isn't to say there is only a small group of us, either. Many people born close on the cusp time frame may find themselves constantly identifying with traits from both signs.

ALL Cancer/Leo Cusp .. PLZ STEP FORWARD !! - dxpnet

Why should these cusp babies be of interest, you may wonder? You may be aware of the undeniable passion and creativity of a Leo , but when those traits are combined with the practical and grounded Virgo , you have a whole new beast. I think there are a few things everyone should know about our kind, even if we may often be forgotten as a category of our own. Elite Daily spoke with pop culture astrologer Kyle Thomas who approves of the below points.

1. Leo-Virgos Are The Perfect Combination Of Unforgivably Bold, Dynamic, And Considerate

While Leos are known for their ability to assert command in almost any situation, the Virgo side of the equation helps to bring this fiery trait back down to earth. Virgos are known to be grounded.

They are more likely to step back and keep an analytic eye on a situation, rather than push their way to the center of it, like a Leo. As such, the Leo-Virgo cusp makes for an interesting, dynamic combination when properly understood. While the individuals will likely still display the strength, assertion, and passion of the Leo sign, the Virgo influence will help them find the right balance and prevent their strength from coming across as overpowering.

When it comes to business practice, this is an awesome instinct to have. I think all signs have reasons to believe they are the best in certain categories, and I am not here to fight that, but I do believe people born on the Leo-Virgo cusp have the potential to make some of the best lovers. I would say that [Leo-Virgos] are passionate and attentive lovers. The Leo sign is a fire sign , and when we think of passion, we want that fire. I'm talking every nerve in your body at attention and pulsing with heat and intensity kind of fire.

So, what do Virgos bring to this mix? Virgos are known to be extremely observant, astute and inherent perfectionists.

When combined with Leo's passion in the realm of love, you get an individual who is tender and attuned to your emotions and needs. The Leo influence can also help bring the Virgo in them alive in areas where they may otherwise be timid.

Moodiness / Volatility / Oscillation

People born on this cusp have the fun-loving nature of a Leo, while still maintaining some of the reservation attributed to the Virgo sign. While Leos are known to bask in the spotlight, the Virgo pull will help to keep this need at bay, while the Leo influence will ensure that when the spotlight is cast upon them, they will be undeniable in their appeal.

Leo-Virgos are the type of people who have no problem entertaining a crowd with both grace and grandeur, but can also be content when the attention is on someone else.